Retail’s biggest secret Santa

Date: December 1, 2020 to December 24, 2020

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Now is a challenging time for those working in retail. Financial instability, uncertainty, constant change and social disconnection has made everyday life even more worrying.

To spread a little festive sparkle during this extremely difficult time, we would love for you to take part in retail’s biggest secret Santa.

Donate a minimum of £5 and you will receive a surprise gift from retailTRUST this Christmas*. Your donation will be used to provide much-needed support to our retail colleagues and their families during their time of need.

*Remember to opt-in to our email communications so you can receive your gift this Christmas!

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  • £40 helps us process one grant application
  • £480 enables us to deliver six sessions of counselling to a colleague in need

So far this year, we have awarded over £700,000 in non-repayable grants and delivered more than 4,500 counselling sessions. 

“I would most definitely recommend retailTRUST because the charity have supported me with financial provision, which in these unprecedented times, I could not have obtained.
Esther Umoh, university student

“The support has made a huge difference to our lives as everything is so tight and difficult with my partner unable to work ever again. I would highly recommend retailTRUST as I feel someone has listened to what I am going through and been able to make a big difference.”
Andrea, Retail Assistant, Next

Have a look at our stories section to find out how we are improving lives across the retail sector and supporting service industries.

Join us today to take part in retail’s biggest secret Santa!

Take part today!


Please tell your friends, family, and colleagues about retail's biggest secret Santa and help us raise vital funds for those that need it most. To help you spread the word we have some downloadable resources available for you to use within your organisation and across your social media channels.

To download the resources, click on the links below and then right-click on the image. Now you can "Save image as ...", and use them as you wish.

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Frequently asked questions

Can people who don’t work in retail get involved?
Yes, of course they can! Encourage everyone you know to get involved in retail’s biggest secret Santa and they will get a present from us in return!

How much money do I have to donate to get a present from retailTRUST?
A minimum donation of £5 will qualify you to get a surprise gift.

If I donate twice, do I get two presents?
You will get the same present, but you can pass it onto one of your friends or family members!

If I donate more than the minimum amount, will I get more than one present?
You will receive only one present from us. However, you will feel great knowing that you’re make a difference to retail workers and their families during their time of need.

Can I create a separate Christmas fundraiser in my workplace to raise money for retailTRUST?
Yes, of course! If you do go ahead and organise a fundraiser in your workplace, make sure you tag us in on social media so we can see what you’ve been up to!

How will the money raised from this campaign be used?
The funds raised will go directly towards our #forthefour campaign. We believe in a world where everyone involved with retail is able to access help and preventative support to manage their wellbeing, whenever they need it. Your funds will automatically be added to the campaign through our JustGiving page.