Dealing with a critical incident

If you have experienced a critical incident, we have collated a selection of resources to support you.

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    Coping with traumatic events

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    A traumatic event is defined as any incident which causes someone to suffer physical, emotional or psychological harm. Whether it happens to you directly, or you witness a traumatic event, the effects can be long-lasting without the right kind of support.

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    Managing violence in stores

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    There will be times during our careers when we’re required to deal with an unhappy or aggressive customer. On occasion these interactions will result in violence against you or one of your colleagues. Learn how you can manage the risks.

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    Understanding common responses to an incident

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    A critical incident can be any situation in which you experience either a threat to your own life or physical safety, or have been affected by the death or injury of another. Learn about the common responses you may go through.

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    Support in the workplace after a suicide

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    The suicide of a colleague always has a profound emotional effect in the workplace. Even if you didn’t know the individual well, you may have unanswered questions and feel very vulnerable. It’s important therefore that the employers are able to respond to the needs of all colleagues regardless of their relationship with the person who has died.

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    Dealing with difficult customers

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    We’ll no doubt all have times when we’re required to deal with an unhappy or aggressive customer. Although it can be unsettling, here are some things you can do to reduce the impact on your own wellbeing, and that of your colleagues and other customers.

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    What to do when a colleague dies

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    Any death – at whatever age, and by whatever cause – is distressing. And while people leave jobs for all sorts of reasons, it’s very different when a workplace looks and feels diminished because of a death. 

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    Critical incident at work? Here’s everything you need to know about the Retail Trust’s critical incident service

    Your step-by-step guide to the critical incident service provided by the Retail Trust, including how to report an incident and the information you’ll need to have to hand, the process and procedures involved, types of support provided and frequently asked questions answered.

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    Managing a critical incident in the workplace

    As a manager, you and your management team will play a key role in supporting colleagues not only directly after an incident, but in the days, weeks and possibly months that follow. Learn about the support available to you and your people.

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