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  • Man jogging down a  street on a sunny day

    Eight tips to help you develop healthy habits

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    Eating more healthily, exercising regularly, or saying ‘no’ to things we don’t have the space to do are all within our reach. When a new action is repeated often enough, it can become a habit that will improve your quality of life. Here are some tips to get you started.


  • Friends eating dinner together with a glass of wine

    A guide to alcohol consumption


    Drinkaware has compiled a straightforward guide to clarify some of the terms and recommendations that are associated with drinking alcohol.

  • alcohol during furlough v2

    Understanding your alcohol intake during COVID-19

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    Once established, changes in drinking patterns can lead to ingrained habits which are hard to break. Whether we’re furloughed or working from home, more and more of us are turning to alcohol to help us pass the time, or deal with the pressures of a new way of life.

  • Tips for cutting down on alcohol consumption v2

    Tips for cutting down on alcohol consumption

    Craig Valentine from Early to Rise shares with us his five tips to stop drinking too much. This video is designed for people who want to cut down on the amount they are drinking.

  • Understanding our relationship with alcohol

    Understanding our relationship with alcohol

    This video looks at how as Brits, our relationship with alcohol has led to an epidemic of liver disease cases in the NHS, and at the untold damage that most of us class as ‘moderate’ drinking can cause.



  • Seated group discussion

    Problem gambling

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    If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to gambling, a range of self-help tips and support services are available.

  • Person sat at a gaming console

    Understanding compulsive gaming

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    Approximately 32 million people in the UK enjoy online video games. While the majority spend an average of 10 hours per week playing, some people struggle with what the World Health Organisation refers to as a gaming disorder.

  • addiction explained

    Addiction explained

    You don’t have to feel ashamed for the fact that you are addicted to something, because without any exception, most people are first addicted to something or someone, before the real root of the problem arises.

  • Tom Hardy on addiction

    Tom Hardy on addiction

    In this revealing film, Prince’s Trust ambassador Tom Hardy and Kenny Ross (who was helped by The Trust) discuss addiction, alcohol and never giving up on your dreams.

Sexual health

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    Understanding sexual health

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    Sexual health is part of your overall health, and it’s important to look after it. Although many of us don’t feel comfortable talking about sex, it’s helpful to know when and how to access confidential services which can support your sexual wellbeing.

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