Savings and loans

Savings and loans

If you need a trusted partner for your money management, retailCURe is the credit union serving everyone who works in retail and the related service industries.

Members save to create a common pool of savings, which is then used to provide loans to members who wish to borrow. The savings accounts are easy to set up and you can deposit a lump sum, make occasional or regular payments with great rates of return.

We know that it can be hard to manage the peaks and troughs in expenditure. Sometimes loan repayments can get missed and you may have to resort to payday lenders. Every loan at retailCURe is treated individually and they recognise the need to be flexible.

If you’re more of a borrower than a saver, the Save as You Borrow scheme will help. Every time someone borrows from retailCURe, part of the repayment is allocated to an easy access savings account, so when the loan is repaid you have built up a small nest egg reducing your need to borrow in the future.

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