Work-life balance

You hear a lot of chatter about work-life balance - and how getting this magical balance right is the secret to a happy life. But what does it actually mean? How do you know what the right balance is? And how can you achieve it in the hecticness of Real Life? Maybe you’re happy with your balance, but if you’re not, it can be hard to know where to start.

Well, the answer to that is right here. We’ve asked the experts, done the research and found small ways you can make a big difference, whatever your circumstance.

  • Shop assistant looking happy

    19 ways to find your happy at work

    Exclusive content from the Retail Trust by Miranda Eason

    There are some things at work you can’t control. One thing you can? Your happiness. So, try these quick tips to make work your happy place.  

  • Worker in retail warehouse

    Five steps to achieving a better balance

    Exclusive content from the Retail Trust by Rosie Mullender

    It might feel like an impossible task but retail workers can achieve the right work-life blend to help them avoid burnout. Here’s how.

  • Young coloured man listening to phone with headphones on

    Podcasts to help you find balance

    Exclusive content from the Retail Trust by Miranda Eason

    From feel-good advice on why rest is a superpower to finding out what we’re actually getting wrong about work-life balance, here’s our pick of three podcasts to help you feel more balanced.

  • Jayne Morris on stage at Together Fest

    The seven signs of burnout and five ways to restore balance

    The result of a combination of factors, burnout is a state of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. Together Fest speaker, Jayne Morris, explains how to recognise the signs of burnout and bring balance back to your life.

  • video2

    Five ways to lower stress in under five minutes

    Exclusive content from the Retail Trust

    Fast in-the-moment calming techniques for when you feel your stress levels rising.

  • Barista making coffee

    How to turn busy into balance

    Life coach Sara Cameron explores being busy, why we become busy, and what we can do to feel less overwhelmed and more balanced.

  • group volunteering gardening

    How to bring what matters to you into your workplace

    Exclusive content from the Retail Trust by Miranda Eason

    Connect your purpose with your career to find fulfilment and gain career-boosting skills.

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