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From the crucial link between honest conversation and mental health, to daily, monthly and annual health checks to add to your routine, health symptoms you should never ignore and the health practices celebrity men swear by, plus excuse-busting exercise hacks and happiness-boosting food, think of this section as a handbook to look after your mind and body.

It’s important to note that much of the information in this section will apply to some trans women and non-binary people. Where possible, we will keep our language inclusive, but when quoting some experts, research and occasionally for simplicity, ‘men’ will be referenced.

  • Health-symptoms-not-to-ignore

    14 health symptoms men should never ignore

    2023-09-28T18:11:00+01:00Exclusive content from the Retail Trust by Rosie Slater

    While it’s tempting to power through when you’re feeling poorly, you shouldn’t ignore the following symptoms… 

  • Health-MOT

    Men’s health MOT

    2023-09-28T18:10:00+01:00Exclusive content from the Retail Trust by Rosie Slater

    Make these daily, monthly and annual checks part of your routine so you can spot when something’s not right and keep up to date with screenings for serious condition.

  • Celeb-health-quotes

    15 famous men on the healthy practices that work for them


    Get enough sleep, go for a stomp and make a mood-boosting checklist, plus 12 more ideas to add to your wellbeing toolbox.

  • Man down festival session panel

    Get more men talking


    Book of Man editor Martin Robinson hosts an enlightening conversation that tackles male mental health head-on, looking at where we are now and what needs to happen next to encourage more men to open up.

  • two men walking int he countryside

    Mental health clubs for men

    2022-05-26T13:40:00+01:00Exclusive content from the Retail Trust by Miranda Eason

    Find support and friendship at grassroots clubs for men based around talking, walking and sharing skills.

  • 7-things-you-can-do-male-mentel-health

    Seven things to know about male mental health

    2022-05-26T12:57:00+01:00Exclusive content from the Retail Trust by Tracy Ramsden

    Whether you have suffered in silence, or you’re concerned about colleagues, friends or family members, the conversation around male mental health has never been more important.

  • Mental-health-clubs-for-men

    Men, it’s OK to reach out, and here’s why it’s important

    2022-05-26T12:56:00+01:00Exclusive content from the Retail Trust by Tracy Ramsden

    When was the last time you spoke to a friend, colleague or family member about how you feel? How you really feel? Gender stereotypes can be damaging for both men and women, and when it comes to opening up about our mental health, for many men the pressure to be ‘strong’ or ‘the breadwinner’ has led to a culture of silence. 

  • Chris-Stoddard-1

    “I thought I couldn’t cope, until the Retail Trust showed me how.”

    2022-03-29T12:54:00+01:00Exclusive content from the Retail Trust

    When Chris Stoddart, 43, suffered a panic attack at work, he found himself walking out – but a Retail Trust counsellor helped him find his way back.

  • Eat yourself happy- ten ways food and drink can boost your mental health

    Eat yourself happy: ten ways food and drink can boost your mental health

    2021-11-26T14:19:00+00:00Exclusive content from Louis Masserella for the Retail Trust

    From boosting your mood to sleeping better, follow our top tips. 

  • A dad playing basketball with his son

    Six of the best… excuse-busting exercise hacks

    2021-11-26T14:03:00+00:00Exclusive content from Louis Masserella for the Retail Trust

    Struggling to get active? We have the solutions. 

  • add-Togetehr-Fest-Jamie-(65-of-468)

    Jamie Laing at Together Fest


    The surprising thing the entrepreneur, podcaster and former Made In Chelsea star does for his wellbeing.

  • James Wilson (324 of 468)

    What do you do to help your wellbeing?


    To celebrate International Men’s Health Week we asked experts, influencers and our Retail Trust team for the one thing they do to help their wellbeing. Here’s what they said. 

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