Liverpool Estate receives £25,000 of new furniture from Steinhoff UK

Liverpool furniture replacement


Steinhoff UK have generously donated approximately £25,000 of new furniture to support residents at Moores House in Liverpool. The existing furniture was 18 years old and greatly in need of replacing.

The new furniture is modern, comfortable and bright. Steinhoff UK have changed all the tables and chairs in the activity lounge, reception area and dining room. This has led to the residents spending more time socialising in the lounge and having a better dining experience.

Estate Manager Karen Trotter stated: “The residents are amazed and very happy with the new furniture. This has very much exceeded all our expectations and we are grateful to Steinhoff UK for their generous assistance.”


The team from Steinhoff UK were invited to the estate on Thursday 14 March 2019 to meet the residents and unveil a plaque for the support they have provided.

The team from Steinhoff UK included the Managing Director Kalwant Singh, Sharon Ansell, Sue Coster, Gilean Field and Linda Guthrie. Kathy MacIntyre, Director of Supported Living Services at retailTRUST, unveiled the plaque alongside Kalwant Singh.

James Mahaffy, Chairperson of the Residents’ Committee presented a small plaque and thank you card, specially made by resident Susan Wrightson, as a token of their appreciation.

The old furniture has been donated to local charities including a Local Solutions drop-in centre for homeless persons, and a local charity drop-in-centre and children’s group.

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