“We’re all just walking each other home.”

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Written by Andrea Woodside, Training Lead at retailTRUST

“We’re all just walking each other home.” Ram Daas

In my own mind, kindness is an action, not simply a word. Kindness is a conscious decision to encourage others to feel at home in the world – heard, seen, and cared for. It was for this reason that I was struck at the start of lockdown to hear the term ‘social distancing’ used both in my social circle and in the media. Physical distancing is understandable and required of course, but the term social distancing, to me at least, conjures up an image of a tear in the fabric of humanity.

At this time, especially without a clear sense of what will happen over the next few months, social connectedness, empathy, and kindness is all that we have. The good news is that human beings are biologically hardwired for kindness so we’re more than halfway there. But like anything else in life, it needs to be practised to become habitual to the point where we don’t even notice we’re doing it. Kindness is a generosity of spirit, and ultimately an unselfish acceptance that our own needs will sometimes take a backseat to the needs of people who may be struggling with challenges we cannot begin to imagine.

I was 18 years old when I received some advice that has stood me in good stead for over 30 years. As my father was dying, I asked him for any words of wisdom he could share. He thought for a moment and said: “Every morning, ask yourself ‘how will I use today to leave this world a better place than I found it?’ Always be kind, and if you can’t, be kind anyway”. My dad’s words have especially echoed since the arrival of COVID-19, reminding me that each of us can choose kindness over all else even in the darkest of times.

It is my most fervent wish that kindness – both random acts and kindness consciously practiced – remains on our day to day radar long after COVID-19. “We’re all just walking each other home”, and the beacon of kindness will light the way.

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About the author

Andrea Woodside
Training Lead at retailTRUST

Andrea began her career in wellbeing at work 27 years ago, and has worked with a wide range of industries to support employers to tackle mental health stigma in the workplace, create sustainable solutions for safeguarding their people’s wellbeing, and design programmes which encourage recovery from emotional distress.

Andrea has provided wellbeing consultancy to retailTRUST customers since 2012, and is well positioned to understand the unique needs and challenges of today’s retailers. She served as a Trustee of Mind England and Wales for seven years, and regularly appears in the media to discuss ways in which all employers can create workplaces which promote best practice.