Dr Adrian Massey appointed as Chief Medical Advisor at retailTRUST

Dr Adrian Massey

retailTRUST, the trade charity supporting the wellbeing of the 4.5 million people working in retail and the supporting service industries, has announced the appointment of Dr Adrian Massey as its Chief Medical Advisor. 

The new appointment, which starts on 1 July 2019, will enable the charity to continue innovating its preventative and holistic wellbeing services, so that everyone involved in retail gets relevant and timely health and wellbeing support.

Dr Adrian Massey is a consultant occupational physician who has worked in medical practice for 22 years. He is a fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, medical director of Duradiamond Healthcare, and renowned author of ‘Sick-Note Britain’ which was published in February this year.

Dr Adrian Massey has been the medical adviser to organisations across a wide range of sectors. He believes that while medical treatment can be very helpful for some of the health issues that impair people’s working lives, the role of medicine is often overstated. 

Instead, the evidence is that employers and managers have a pivotal role to play. Empathic, humane management practices can generally do far more to help people (who are struggling with health problems) to continue in their careers than any medical treatment ever can. 

Dr Adrian Massey, stated: “Confident, empathic and empowered line managers are pivotal in minimising the impact of health issues on an organisation and its bottom line, whereas more traditional, medical approaches have proven to be generally disappointing. The key task for a 21st century occupational health service is to support employers in making this transition.”

Richard Boland, Chief Executive of retailTRUST, said: “Adrian brings a wealth of knowledge in occupational health matters which will only serve to help us improve our insights, our services and our relationship with both sponsoring clients and their staff our beneficiaries. We look forward to a rewarding partnership.”