Join us and raise awareness of breast cancer this October

Know your lemons

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK. However, 33% of women still aren’t checking their breasts on a regular basis and 20% say they don’t know how or what to look for.

Know your Lemons

We are working in partnership with Tenovus Cancer Care and Worldwide Breast Cancer to raise awareness of the symptoms of breast cancer this October.  

Worldwide Breast Cancer have created the ‘Know your Lemons’ campaign which showcases some innovative yet powerful imagery to demonstrate the signs to spot. The campaign was created by a designer who, after losing both grandmas to breast cancer, wanted to increase the information available.
We believe the message is simple and with your help we can highlight the signs, some of which may not be that obvious.

Where we would like your help

To help spread the word in October, we have developed a poster for your staff areas, offices and toilet doors, as well as a Tenovus Cancer Care guide for managers.

There is no financial commitment on your part, all we ask is for your support in promoting the campaign. If you would like to order the poster or manager guide, please email [email protected]

Together, we can raise awareness of breast cancer, help more people detect the early warning signs and ultimately save lives.