Our 2017 impact report

Impact report

We are pleased to announce that our latest impact report is now available to view online.

This year we have taken a positive step in the right direction and have embraced social impact as part of our core delivery measurement. Our aim is to ensure that we have the greatest impact in improving the lives of the people that we engage with and support.

For every £1 we spend, we generate £4.53 in social return on investment.

“I would highly recommend cottageHOMES, in fact I have already recommended it to someone! It is a safe, secure and very pleasant place to live.” Susan Murphy, resident at Moores House, Liverpool 

“The Oxford Summer School programme has armed me with the right tools to bring back to my workplace and advance me in my career. I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to attend through retailRIGHT.” Daisy Morris at Tudor Williams 

“The difference retailHUB makes to people is just incredible, and the experiences that our colleagues share about the support they’ve received blow us away every time. retailHUB really does change lives for the better.” Jayne Bird at Shop Direct

Click here to access the report to find out more about what we have achieved and our plans for the coming year.