Revolutionising wellbeing at the iconic Science and Industry Museum

 Rory Bremner at Midsummer Celebration 2019 1

Our much-loved Midsummer Celebration returned to Manchester on Thursday, 27 June 2019. Held in the unique Revolution Gallery at the iconic Science and Industry Museum, over 220 guests came together to celebrate with their teams, network with other retailers, and hear how we are revolutionising wellbeing across retail. We raised a spectacular £73,000 on the night!

The evening was hosted by the incredibly talented Rory Bremner and the drinks reception was sponsored by Clark Contracts.

Guests were entertained by London’s finest musicians and DJ. Rapture blended house, funk, soul and popular music into an exciting and innovative performance.

The Celebration was successful in showcasing how we are improving wellbeing through our emotional, physical, vocational and financial support.

Retail Leader Apprenticeship Degree

Adam Jones, Deputy Store Manager from Dunelm, explained why he has signed up to study the new Retail Leader Apprenticeship Degree.

Adam said: “So after 22 years, I received a letter from Dunelm, asking if I’d be interested in applying for the Retail Leader Apprenticeship Degree. Initially I thought, I’m 38, they’ve clearly made a mistake. Then I read more about it and it struck a chord with me, and I didn’t hesitate to register my interest straight away.

“My reasons for wanting to do it are quite simple.

“Personally, to prove to myself and others that I can do it, and to make my kids proud. Hoping they realise that the only way to achieve their dreams is through hard work and education.

“Professionally, I want to gain knowledge on aspects of retail I know little about, while enhancing the knowledge of the things that I do.

“Before this opportunity came my way, I believed that having been in retail for so long, the bar was firmly set as to where I could progress.

“With the skills and knowledge I will gain from the Retail Leader Apprenticeship Degree, I genuinely feel that the bar will be broken and I will get the opportunity to progress and develop my career in ways, I could only have dreamed possible before.”

A fantastic donation!

We received a magnificent donation of £20,000 from B&M Retail Ltd which will be used to improve wellbeing across retail.

Ian Rogan, HR Business Partner, B&M Retail Ltd, stated: “B&M Retail Ltd and retailTRUST have worked together for a number of years now, with the main aim of supporting our colleagues within B&M. Like everything, real life can throw obstacles at us all and retailTRUST have been on hand to support our colleagues with incidents that have had a direct impact on their lives. 

“Our colleagues have had first-hand support from retailTRUST in many instances, whether it be someone to talk to during a difficult time, or had advice on financial help to get them through a challenging period, and we would like to thank retailTRUST for their continued support and look forward to working together in the future.” 

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