Supporting future retail talent across Matalan

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Our retailRIGHT team have been working closely with Matalan and vocational training provider Qube Learning to run a pre-employment initiative in the North of England.

During the last three years, Matalan have provided work placements to young people in the area who were interested in getting into the retail sector.

The scheme is a great way for Matalan’s recruitment team to find more diverse talent who may not have previously had the confidence or skill base to apply for roles without the support of the programme. The aim is to help people who are struggling to find employment or younger people who are looking to build up their experience and skill set, ready for the workplace.

Nearly 80% of the trainees who completed our programme have been offered a role within Matalan stores which is a fantastic result.

“This programme has opened my eyes to a new way of recruiting whilst giving local young people an opportunity they may not have had otherwise. It’s rewarding seeing the learners develop within the store.” Ryan Mortimer, Store Manager at Matalan Leeds Kirkstall

Building confidence in young people

John Knowles, Matalan Leeds Kirkstall

The programme has enabled 20 year old John to get into retail and become more confident. John has been working at Matalan for over four months and was awarded Trainee of the Month by Qube Learning.

“The programme has given me more confidence, I was quiet before. It’s been a great experience, I’ve enjoyed it!”

Shannon Jefferson, Matalan Bradford Greengates

Shannon was unemployed and claiming universal credit before she started the programme. Since attending the training, Shannon has developed her confidence, gained experience of working in a team and achieved qualifications which have enabled her to get into work. Shannon is looking to gain more skills at Matalan and progress into fashion retail.

“I was shy and nervous when I started at Matalan, now I have come out of my shell and can speak to anybody. I would recommend this programme, just try it!”

Going forward

We will continue to partner with Matalan and Qube Learning next year, looking into the possibility of rolling out this pre-employment initiative across all Matalan stores and distribution centres.

“In my role we are always looking at different ways to develop talent within Matalan. The programme offered by retailRIGHT has been able to support this. I am pleased that we have been able to work together and keep growing the success of this scheme. I am also extremely proud of the support our store teams have given us to make this happen.” Hayley Sullivan, Retail Learning and Development Advisor at Matalan

If you would like to find out more about how we can work with you to recruit future retail talent, please email Aaron Hunt, our Senior Vocational Relationship and Programmes Manager at [email protected]